Entertainment on the Sales Circuit

Accepting a promotion at work doesn’t always seem good at first, but learning the possibilities changed my thinking. My supervisor thought I was a good sales representative, and he recommended me for our company’s traveling sales circuit.

At first, it was difficult to get used to sleeping in a new town every few nights. I never knew where anything was, and a late night desk clerk help me out. He said I’d sleep better if I got a few drinks in the hotel lounge, and it wouldn’t hurt if I found someone for local casual London sex. He said the women in the bar preferred to meet men that way.

I took him up on his advice, and I found it worked for me. Many of the cities on the sales circuit have a good population, but they are small enough that gossip is a problem for the women. Instead of dating local men, they would rather find a stranger at the hotel bar. I’m glad now that I took a chance and accepted this promotion.